Ezequiel Romero

Ezequiel Romero is an award-winning cinematographer who most recently was part of the team nominated for a Goya honoring their work in the documentary film DESENTERRANDO SAD HILL. Over the years, he has developed working relationships all over the world, with an emphasis on Indian and Eastern projects. He works regularly on Bollywood films and ads for the Indian market.

His career started in theatre in Cadiz, he then moved into writing and directing in Madrid   He pursues the cinematic look even in the smallest of films, creating fresh and captivating content. He has developed a style of grounded and honest filmmaking, which aims to capture the warmth and humility of characters on film that makes them endearing.

He loves the adventure, energy and problem-solving quality of film work and this enthusiasm makes him a great teammate. That charisma has taken him all over the world to shoot in the hearts of Africa and

India, and into brand work with Lenovo, Vodafone, Axe (Lynx), Acer and Paramount Channel, Movistar or El Corte Inglés to name a few.

He gained recognition for his cinematography in the critically acclaimed political comedy series “El Partido” (“The Councillor”). His films such as MOON DUST have won awards and have been described

as “tipping over into the awesome category” by outlets like IO9. Sundance TV described his experimental feature, “Nova” as “groundbreaking”.

He works regularly as AC and camera operator, including underwater, as he is a passionate diver. He was born in Jerez and lives in both London and Madrid.